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What are the specs of a car?

Car specs or car specifications are the information that you get about the vehicle. The first thing you should be looking at is the manufacturer’s manual. What most people don’t realize the list of specs includes anything from engine and tire sizes to the bulb type in your headlights. Also, the list of specs on your car will consist of features like the number of airbags, kind of differential, etc. Basically, you are getting a list of things your car has, as well as the dimensions and other details.

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Car Model

Towing Capacity

Ford F-350

21 000 lbs

RAM 2500

17 000 lbs

RAM 3500

17 000 lbs

Dodge Ram 3500

16 350 lbs

GMC Sierra 3500HD

16 000 lbs

GMC Sierra 2500HD

15 900 lbs

GMC Sierra 3500

15 700 lbs

Ford F-250

15 000 lbs

Dodge Ram 2500

14 150 lbs

Where can I get the car specs when I’m buying a new car?

There are a few ways to go about this and to get all the details you need. If you are buying a new car, then you should ask your dealership to provide you with all the details about it.

If you haven’t reached that part of the buying process and you are still looking at models from the comfort of your own home, then there are tons of websites where you can search through their database and get as much information as possible.

How to find the specs of my car?

If you want to know the specs of your car, then the first choice would be to check your user manual for the details. Since not many people keep their manuals, especially for older cars, then the next best thing is to go to look them up online. Quite a lot of websites will have large databases with the specs of most of the cars ever produced, so you should get most of the information that way. To get more accurate results, you will need your VIN. It is a combination of numbers and letters unique to each car that holds all the information about it. You could try and decipher it yourself, but with all the services available today, you don’t need to. You can just enter it into a website, and you will get the details of your car.

Will there be some difference between the manufacturer specs and the ones I have?

It depends on which ones you are referring to. The dimensions of your car will remain the same, at least the length, width, and interior cabin space. The height may change in case you decide to alter your suspension and lower your car. Among the other specs on your car that may change is the engine output. Your engine’s horsepower and torque numbers are the ones that the manufacturer measured when the car is new.

If you did not take good care of your car, then you should expect the numbers to drop, and you can verify that if you put it on a dyno. A loss in power and torque will also mean that the zero to sixty and the top speed of your car will also take a hit. Fitting aftermarket parts like wheels or headlights will also mean that the factory specs will not be the same.